We offer a free consultation to discuss the student's needs and make recommendations for services.
The consultation may be conducted over the phone or at our office.
  We conduct all tutoring sessions in a one-to-one format. One-to-one tutoring allows for the highest level of personal attention and customized instruction.
  Our tutoring methods vary according to each studentís unique curricular requirements, current content knowledge, developmental level, and learning style and preferences. Mind Full Tutors never uses lesson scripts or one-size-fits-all instructional methods. Our adaptive approach ensures that students receive instruction that works best for them.

We never leave a student alone to complete worksheets or work on computer programs. Working with the student every step of the way helps us glean information about how the student learns in order to make instructional choices that fit the student’s learning style. This attention also builds supports around the student while they become stronger in concepts and skills, thereby preparing them to work independently on assignments and tests.

We address the content and skills needed for immediate success on school assignments and tests without sacrificing long term skills development. For example, a student may need immediate assistance with an advanced algebraic concept, but has not yet acquired the basic understandings needed to grasp it. We work to build the studentís basic context without holding them back from learning the advanced concept that may be needed for a test the next day.

  We require that students make the choice to attend tutoring. While parents may encourage tutoring, the decision to attend ultimately rests with the student.† We expect students to participate by being responsive, providing information regarding school assignments and requirements, and working hard during sessions. Willing learners are essential to creating a respectful and productive learning environment.
  All tutoring is conducted at our center located at 125 E. 87th Street, Suite 15A (between Park and Lexington avenues). Tutoring in a location that is designated specifically for learning engenders a respectful and productive dynamic between the tutor and student. The tutoring center is a safe, distraction-free, resource-rich environment that allows the tutor and student to maximize the session time.
  We operate with integrity in all circumstances. We help students learn the concepts and skills necessary to complete assignments on their own, and instill in them an attitude that there are no shortcuts to learning. We coach students through the process of completing assignments, but never complete work for them. Moreover, we never use unauthorized materials or information to support students (i.e., stolen tests, quizzes, or papers, "gossip" from fellow students about the content of an upcoming test). We do not retain clients who cheat or plagiarize. We will never photocopy or use materials from one school and use them with students from a different school.